BIT's 4th Low Carbon Earth Summit-2014
Highlights of the Conference
10 Remarkable World-class Parallel Forums Cover Current Hot Topics Related to Climate Change, Investment Financing and the Development of the Low Carbon Technology
50 Exhibitors to Showcase Cutting-edge Products and Technologies
200 Overseas + 100 Domestic Experts Discuss, Communicate of Experience and Share the Results
Technology Transfer Matchmaking and Variety and Colorful Business Events and Social Activities
Culture Tour in Qingdao
Event Overview
Based on the three Low Carbon Earth Summits respectively being successfully held in Dalian (LCES-2011), Guangzhou (LCES-2012) and Xi'an (LCES-2013), BIT's 4th Low Carbon Earth Summit-2014 (LCES-2014) will be convened in Qingdao, China, during September 21-23, 2014.
Conference Report
More than 1000 participants attended 5th Euro-Asia Economic Forum (EAEF-2013) and its concurrent conferences. As one parallel conference of EAEF-2013, the 3rd Low Carbon Earth Summit-2013 (LCES-2013) ended successfully after its 3-day activities during September 26-28, in Xi'an, China. This summit obtained highly focus and extensive attentions throughout the world.
Renowned Speakers

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\ Don Johnston.jpg


Mr. Donald Johnston, Former Secretary-General of OECD, Canada

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\ Dewen Mei.jpg


Mr. Dewen Mei, President, China Beijing Environmental Exchange (CBEEX), China

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\803 Mr. Jim Glessner.jpg


Mr. Jim Glessner, President, Clean Concrete Technologies, Inc., USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\Ms. Karen Payton.jpg


Ms. Karen Payton, Vice President, On Wheels, Inc., USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\201 Mr. Neil Brown.JPG


Mr. Neil Brown, Senior partner, COO, and Principal, Earth Capital Partners, UK

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\201 Mr. Eric Kemp-Benedict.jpg


Mr. Eric Kemp-Benedict, Director, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\201 Dr. Marten von Velsen-Zerweck.jpg


Dr. Marten von Velsen-Zerweck, Co-Founder and Managing Director, N.serve Environmental Services GmbH, Germany

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\201 Ms. Karen Alonardo.jpg


Ms. Karen Alonardo, Founder and CEO, CSRware, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\202 Mr. William Trant Beloe.jpeg


Mr. William Trant Beloe, Senior Operations Officer, International Finance Corporation, China

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\202 Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos.jpg


Dr. Alex Papalexopoulos, President & CEO, ECCO International, Inc., USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\205 Mr. Seth R. Freeman .jpg


Mr. Seth R. Freeman, CEO, EM Capital Management, LLC, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\205 Mr. Amadeo Brenninkmeijer.jpg


Mr. Amadeo Brenninkmeijer, Founder, Nycon Energy AG, Germany

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\205 Mr. Robert P. Hallenbeck.jpg


Mr. Robert P. Hallenbeck, Senior Vice President, XL Insurance, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\302 Mr. Jack Broadbent .jpeg


Mr. Jack Broadbent, Chief Executive Officer, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\303 Ms. Diane MacEachern .jpeg


Ms. Diane MacEachern, Founder & CEO, Big Green Purse, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\303 Mr. Michael Cot .jpg


Mr. Michael Cot, President, Ruby Canyon Engineering, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\303 Mr. Mike Mielke.jpg


Mr. Mike Mielke, Vice President, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\304 Ms. Jean Lucas.jpg


Ms. Jean Lucas, Executive Vice-President, Eco Waste Solutions, Canada

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\304 Mr. Younes El-Ghazi.jpeg


Mr. Younes El-Ghazi, Chief Executive, Global Diplomatic Forum, UK

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\401 Mr. Osamu Motojima.jpg


Mr. Osamu Motojima, Director General, ITER, Japanese

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\401 Mr. Luis Gomez Echeverri.gif


Mr. Luis Gomez Echeverri, Senior Advisor to the Executive Office of the UN Secretary General, the Sustainable Energy for All, Austria

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\401 Dr. Anthony Atti.jpg


Dr. Anthony Atti, President and CEO, Phononic, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\401 Mr. Jan Grimbrandt.jpg


Mr. Jan Grimbrandt, Chairman of the Board and Co-founder, Boson Energy SA, Luxembourg

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\401 Mr. Alex Gill.jpg


Mr. Alex Gill, Executive Director, Ontario Environment Industry Association, Canada

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\401 Mr. Shawn Dolan.jpg


Mr. Shawn Dolan, President, Virtual Technology LLC, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ\403 Dr. J. Norman Bardsley.jpg


Dr. J. Norman Bardsley, President, Bardsley Consulting, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ1\404 Mr. Chris Faulkner.jpeg


Mr. Chris Faulkner, President and Chief Executive Officer, Breitling Oil and Gas, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\404 Mr. Leslie Antalffy.jpg


Mr. Leslie Antalffy, Executive Director Process Technology and Engineer, Fluor Enterprises, Inc., USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\404 Dr. Anil Rajguru.jpg


Dr. Anil Rajguru, Vice President Process, Fluor Enterprises, Inc, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ1\405 Mr. Dennis Bracy.jpeg


Mr. Dennis Bracy, CEO, US-China Clean Energy Forum, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Ƭ1\408 Ms. Julie B. Manley.jpeg


Ms. Julie B. Manley, President, Guiding Green, LLC, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\409 Mr. John R (Grizz) Deal.png


Mr. John R (Grizz) Deal, Executive Chairman and CEO, IX Power, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wangxiujuan\\3.4\Elizabeth.JPG


Ms. Elizabeth Chien-Hale, Executive Director, Institute for Intellectual Property in Asia, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\501 Mr. Zbigniew Kamienski.jpg


Mr. Zbigniew Kamienski, Deputy Director, Ministry of Economy, Poland

˵: F:\\ճ̴ϴ 2014-3-4\Ƭ\501 Mr. Douglas R. Sterbenz.jpg


Mr. Douglas R. Sterbenz, Executive Vice President and COO, Westar Energy, Inc, USA

˵: F:\\ճ̴ϴ 2014-3-4\Ƭ\501 Ms. Kimberly Boyd-Harris .jpg


Ms. Kimberly Boyd-Harris, Executive Director, Center for Community Justice and Advocacy, USA

˵: F:\\ճ̴ϴ 2014-3-4\Ƭ\503 Mr. Neil Kelsall.jpeg


Mr. Neil Kelsall, Chief Executive Officer, Kelsall Limited, UK

˵: F:\\ճ̴ϴ 2014-3-4\Ƭ\503 Mr. Ronald Allen.jpeg


Mr. Ronald Allen, Chief Sustainability Officer, YFY Corporation, Taiwan

˵: F:\\ճ̴ϴ 2014-3-4\Ƭ\505 Mr. Joop Kleibeuker.jpeg


Mr. Joop Kleibeuker, Former Secretary General, European Dairy Association, Belgium

˵: F:\\ճ̴ϴ 2014-3-4\Ƭ\506 Mr. Rohit Talwar.jpeg


Mr. Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Research, UK


Mr. Brian Mullis, CEO & Founder, The Sustainable Travel International, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\902 Mr. Brian Percival de Thorpe Millard.jpg


Mr. Brian Percival de Thorpe Millard, Chairman & CEO, Global Precious Commodities PLC and GPC Finance Limited, UK

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Ƭ\902 Dr. Albert de Haan.jpg


Dr. Albert de Haan, CEO, Carbon Rooster Advisory Services BV, The Netherlands

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\902 Mr. Justin Johnson.jpg


Mr. Justin Johnson, Deputy Secretary, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\903 Mr. Alastair Handley.jpg


Mr. Alastair Handley, President, Carbon Credit Solutions Inc., Canada

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\904 Mr. Bruno D.V. Marino.bmp


Dr. Bruno D.V. Marino, CEO and Founder, Planetary Emissions Management, Inc., USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\906 Mr. Robert A. Freling.png


Mr. Robert A. Freling, Executive Director, Solar Electric Light Fund, USA

˵: E:\\LCES-2014\PDF ƵȷϺ+ʽ뺯+վ+Invoice\photo\102 Dr. Tae H. Oum.jpg


Dr. Tae H. Oum, UPS Foundation Chair Professor, University of British Columbia, Canada

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\jiangtingsong\\Ƭ\Picture\601 Mr. Dan Mathieson


Mr. Dan Mathieson, Mayor, City of Stratford, Canada

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\jiangtingsong\\Ƭ\Picture\602 Mr. Gianni Minetti.jpg


Mr. Gianni Minetti, President & CEO, Paradox Engineering, Switzerland

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\Mr. Niall Kirkwood.jpg


Mr. Niall Kirkwood, Professor, Harvard Design School, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\jiangtingsong\\Ƭ\Picture\603 Mr. Ken Beck Lee.jpg


Mr. Ken Beck Lee, President, New East Group of Companies, Canada

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\Mr. Timo Makela.jpg


Mr. Timo Makela, Director, European Commission, Belgium

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\jiangtingsong\\Ƭ\Picture\604 Dr. Chindarat Taylor.jpg


Dr. Chindarat Taylor, Founder and Director, Resource Efficiency Pathway, UK

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wanghuan\\½ļ\702 Dr. Arturo Ardila-Gomez.jpg


Dr. Arturo Ardila-Gomez, Urban Transport Senior Specialist, The World Bank, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wanghuan\\½ļ\703 Dr. Martin Stopford.jpg


Dr. Martin Stopford, President, Clarkson Research Services Ltd, UK

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wanghuan\\½ļ\704 Mr. Georges Hannouche.jpg


Mr. Georges Hannouche, CEO, Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies Co.LLC, UAE

˵: E:\\LCES-2014\PDF ƵȷϺ+ʽ뺯+վ+Invoice\photo\705 Dr. J. Alexander Schmidt,.jpg


Dr. J. Alexander Schmidt, Professor,University Duisburg-Essen, Germany

˵: E:\\LCES-2014\PDF ƵȷϺ+ʽ뺯+վ+Invoice\photo\801 Mr. Tjerk Reijenga.jpg


Mr. Tjerk Reijenga, Managing Director, BEAR-iD, The Netherlands

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wanghuan\\8\½ļ\801 Mr. Martin Clarke OBE.jpg


Mr. Martin Clarke OBE, Chief Executive, British Precast, UK

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wanghuan\\8\½ļ\802 Mr. David A. Eijadi.jpg


Mr. David A. Eijadi, Principal-in-Charge of Energy, The Weidt Group, USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\wanghuan\\8\½ļ\802 Mr. Brian Butler,.jpg


Mr. Brian Butler, CEO, Boston Green Building, USA

˵: F:\LCES2014\λԱ\Ƭ logo\Լ\Ƭ\Mr. Tom Butt.jpg


Mr. Tom Butt, President, Interactive Resources, Inc., USA

˵: C:\Documents and Settings\jiangtingsong\\Ƭ\Picture\1002 Mr. Albert Dubler.jpg


Mr. Albert Dubler, President, International Union of Architects (UIA), France

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   Nobel Laureate of Joint Opening Ceremony

Dr. Christopher A. Pissarides
Regius Professor,  London School of Economics, Economics Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2010, UK

Dr.  Edward C. Prescott
Professor,  Arizona State University;Chair, W. P. Carey, The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2004, USA

Sir Christopher Pissarides is the Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, a Professor of European Studies at the University of Cyprus and Chairman of the Council of National Economy of the Republic of Cyprus, and the Helmut & Anna Pao Sohmen Professor-at-Large of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He was educated at the University of Essex and the London School of Economics (LSE), and he spent the bulk of his career at the LSE. He had long visits in the US Universities of Harvard, Princeton and California at Berkeley.
Sir Christopher specialises in the economics of labour markets, macroeconomic policy, economic growth and structural change. He was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics, jointly with Dale Mortensen of Northwestern University and Peter Diamond of MIT, for his work in the economics of markets with frictions. Prior to that, in 2005, he became the first European economist to win the IZA Prize in Labor Economics, sharing it again with his collaborator Dale Mortensen. He has written extensively in professional journals, magazines and the press and his book Equilibrium Unemployment Theory is an influential reference in the economics of unemployment that has been translated in many languages. He is frequently quoted in the press on issues concerning the Eurozone and the future of European integration.
He is an elected Fellow of the British Academy, the Academy of Athens, the Academia Europaea and several other learned societies, and he is a Lifetime Honorary Member of the American Economic Association. In 2011 he served as the President of the European Economic Association. In 2011 he received the Grand Cross of the Republic of Cyprus, the highest honour of the Republic. He was knighted in 2013.

Prescott was born in Glens Falls, New York, to Mathilde Helwig Prescott and William Clyde Prescott. In 1962, he received his bachelor's degree in mathematics from Swarthmore College, where he was a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity. He then received a master's degree from Case Western Reserve University in operations research in 1963, and a PhD in Economics at Carnegie Mellon University in 1967.
From 1966 to 1971, Prescott taught at the University of Pennsylvania. He then returned to Carnegie Mellon until 1980, when he moved to the University of Minnesota, where he taught until 2003. In 1978, he was a visiting professor at the University of Chicago, where he was named a Ford Foundation Research Professor. In the following year, he visited Northwestern University and stayed there until 1982. Since 2003, he has been teaching at Arizona State University. In 2004, he held the Maxwell and Mary Pellish Chair in Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2006, he held the Shinsei Bank Visiting Professorship at New York University.
The Research Papers in Economics project ranked him as the 19th most influential economist in the world as of August 2012 based on his academic contributions. Currently working as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and as a professor at Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business, he is a major figure in macroeconomics, especially the theories of business cycles and general equilibrium. In his "Rules Rather Than Discretion: The Inconsistency of Optimal Plans," published in 1977 with Finn E. Kydland, he analyzed whether central banks should have strict numerical targets or be allowed to use their discretion in setting monetary policy. He is also well known for his work on the Hodrick-Prescott Filter, used to smooth fluctuations in a time series. Prescott has also expressed skepticism towards fractional reserve banking.
Edward Prescott and Finn Kydland Nobel prize for economics was based on two papers Prescott and Kydland wrote. In the first paper, written in 1977 "Rules Rather than Discretion: : The inconsistency of optimal planning" Prescott and Kydland argue that purpose and goals of economic planning and policy is to trigger a desired response from the economy. However, Prescott and Kydland realized that these sectors are made up of individuals, individuals who make assumptions and predictions about the future. As Prescott and Kydland stated “Even if there is a fixed and agreed upon social objective function and policy makers know the timing and magnitude of the effects of their actions... correct evaluation of the end-of-point position does not result in the social objective being maximized.” Prescott and Kyland were pointing out that agents in the economy already factor into their decision making the assumed response by policy makers to a given economic climate.
    Keynote Speakers

Mr. Donald Johnston

Former Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); Chair of the McCall MacBain Foundation, Canada

Mr. Dewen Mei

President, China Beijing Environmental Exchange (CBEEX), China

Donald Johnston has had a long career as a lawyer and politician, spending ten years in the Canadian Parliament, and serving as a Cabinet Minister in a number of senior portfolios. Mr. Johnston was a Member of Parliament from 1978 to 1988. He served in the Cabinet, first as President of the Treasury Board (which manages the Federal Public Service and controls the National Budget), and then as Minister of State for Economic and Regional Development, Minister of Science and Technology, Minister of Justice, and Attorney General of Canada. With the defeat of the Liberal government in 1984, Mr. Johnston became Opposition Critic for Finance and, later, for External Affairs.

Mr. Johnston did not stand for re-election in 1988. In 1990, he was elected President of the Liberal Party of Canada. Re-elected in 1992, he held the post through the election in 1993 that returned the Liberal Party to power.

He was Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and served two terms from 1996 to 2006. While in this position, he introduced sustainable development (SD) to the OECD in 1999 and created the OECD Ministerial Round Table on SD which continues to be very active.

After stepping down from the OECD in 2006, he resumed his legal career as Counsel to the national law firm of HeenanBlaikie, (formerly Johnston HeenanBlaikie), of which he was a founder in 1973. He also continues as a senior advisor and is currently Chair of the McCall MacBain Foundation (based in Geneva, Switzerland) which works to improve the welfare of humanity through focused grants in areas of health, education and the environment.
From 2006 to 2009, as Chairman of the International Risk Governance Council (also based in Geneva), he laid emphasis on climate change issues and such areas as Carbon Capture and Sequestration ( CCS) and Solar Radiation Management( geo engineering). During the four years following his mandate at the OECD he was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at YonseiUniversity in Seoul, Korea. More recently, he served as a Commissioner of the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI) of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace which delivered its report to the Munich Security Conference in February 2012.
Mr. Johnston studied Arts and Law at McGill University, graduating from law in 1958 as the Gold Medalist. He holds Honorary Doctorates in law from McGill University, King’s College, Bishop’s University and McMaster University and in Economics from the Economics University of Bratislava. He taught fiscal law at McGill University from 1963 to 1976, has written many articles on taxation, law and public affairs and is the author of several books, including a best-selling political memoir.
In 2008, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. He is as well an Officer of the Légiond’Honneur bestowed on him by the President of France. He has also received the highest honours given to non-citizens from the Governments of Slovakia, Hungary and Belgium and is a recipient from the Emperor of Japan of the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun.

MEI Dewen is a board member and the president of China Beijing Environment Exchange (CBEEX), Beijing Green Finance Association Secretary-General, and the Secretary General of China Environmental Trading Institutions Cooperation Alliance. Prior to this, he was the Deputy Director of Investment and Financing Center of China Beijing Equity Exchange (CBEX), general manager of Government Business Department of CBEX, deputy general manager of CBEEX.
Mr. Mei also holds a number of social roles including: Deputy Director of China Low Carbon Development Research Center of Peking University, Council Member of China Society of Economic Reform, and Council Member of the Investment Association of China.
Mr. Mei was born in 1970, and holds a Master degree of Finance of Fordham University (US) and EMBA from Peking University,PH.D Candidate in Economics.
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