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Mr. John Rossant, Founder & Chairman, New Cities Foundation, Switzerland

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Mr. Gianni Minetti, President & CEO, Paradox Engineering, Switzerland

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Dr. Henning Heppner, Managing Director, Ebee Smart Technologies, Germany

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Dr. Woodrow W. Clark, Managing Director, Clark Strategic Partners, USA

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Mr. Alfonso Bataller, Mayor, Castello de la Plana, Spain

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Mr. Stefan Krummeck, Principal Director, TFP Farrells, Hong Kong, China

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Mr. Ken-Kok LEE, Managing Director, McPhy Energy Asia Pacific, Singapore

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Mr. Narinderpal S Sood, President, Energy Asset Development Inc, USA

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Mr. Arun Vohra, President, MINI, LLC, USA

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Mr. Norbert M. Lechner, Professor Emeritus, Auburn University, USA

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Ms. Jaya Kader Zebede, Founding Principal, KZ Architecture, Inc., USA

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Mr. Mike Weinmaster, Chief Designer, Green Over Grey, Canada

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Mr. Marc Batschmann, CEO, BS2 AG, Switzerland

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Ms. Julia C. Beabout, President, Simulated Solutions LLC, USA

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Mr. Stephen Kabuye, President, Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation, Uganda

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Dr. Tony Sorensen, Adjunct Professor, University of New England, Australia

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Mr. Jack P. Broadbent, CEO, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, USA

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Dr. Babu Ram, Chief Power Engineer, African Development Bank, South Africa

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Mr. William N. Ryerson, President, Population Media Center, USA

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Mr. David Jackson, Director, UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Thailand

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Mr. Richard Ellis, Group Head of CSR, Alliance Boots plc, UK

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Mr. Tom Tansy, Chairman, SunSpec Alliance, USA

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Dr. Rob S Whitney, Chairman, BusinessNZ Energy Council, New Zealand

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Mr. Alfredo Ramos, Vice President, Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), UK

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Dr. Yujing Mu, Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Dr. Julieanna Powell-Turner, Director, Cranfield University, UK

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Mr. Jose Juan Gomes Lorenzo, Lead Specialist, IADB, USA


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Mr. Oliver F. Campbell, Director Dell, USA


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Mr. David Dornbusch, President, Cleantuesday, France


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Mr. Olivier Coispeau, Partner, Maverlinn, UK


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Mr. Seth R. Freeman, CEO, EM Capital Management LLC, USA


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Mr. Jacques Van Hee, Communications Director, GDF SUEZ, France


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Mr. Mark Mills, Partner, Generation Investment Management LLP, UK


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Mr. Ruijie Zhang, Secretary General, Low Carbon Economy Committee of CAPEC, China


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Mr. Danny Price, Founder & Managing Director, Frontier Economics, Australia


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Mr. Thomas Jorberg, CEO, GLS Bank, Germany


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Dr. Mohammed Hasan Mahmud, Chairman, Parliamentary Standing Committee, Bangladesh


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Mr. Archie J. Beaton, Executive Director, Chlorine Free Products Association, USA


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Dr. Chris Constantine, Vice President, Skyonic Corporation, USA


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Dr. Terry Cooke, Founder and CEO, GC3 Strategy, LLC, USA


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Mr. Hans Folkesson, Chairman, Clean Motion AB, Sweden


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Mr. Martin Klaasen, Director, Klaasen Lighting Design, Singapore


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Dr. Jiang-Shiou Hwang, Professor, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan


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Mr. Les Liddiard, VP Asia, Tetronics International, UK


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Mr. Mauro Passos, President, Instituto IDEAL, USA


˵: c:\DOCUME~1\ZHANGB~1\APPLIC~1\360se6\USERDA~1\Temp\0f43750.jpg

Mr. Tanay Sidki Uyar, Vice President, EUROSOLAR, Turkey


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Ms. KLynne Johnson, CEO, Elevance Renewable Sciences.Inc, USA


˵: c:\DOCUME~1\ZHANGB~1\APPLIC~1\360se6\USERDA~1\Temp\201502~2.JPG

Dr. Richard W. Lo Pinto, Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA


˵: c:\DOCUME~1\ZHANGB~1\APPLIC~1\360se6\USERDA~1\Temp\201502~2.BMP

Dr. Marjorie Campbell, Chair, Clark Atlanta University, USA

Dr. Ken Howard
President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), Canada

Mr. Andrew Lang
Vice President, World Bioenergy Association,  Australia

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Dr. Goon Cherl Park
Former President, KINGS (KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School) University, South Korea

Mr. Barry K. Worthington
Executive Director, United States Energy Association, USA

Mr. David Harris
Chairman, Asian Coal Ash Association, Australia/China

Dr. Ken Howard
Ken Howard is a hydrogeologist, certified by the American Institute of Hydrology, chartered by the British Geological Society and registered as a Professional Geoscientist with the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario. He has wide experience in all aspects of groundwater resource evaluation, management and protection.
He was elected President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) in September 2012, and continues in his role as Director of the IAH Urban Groundwater Network (IAH-UGN). He is also Director of the Groundwater Research Group at the University of Toronto. Since the mid-1970's he has worked on numerous applied projects in eastern Canada, UK, the West Indies, Australia and equatorial Africa, publishing articles on topics that range from numerical flow modeling and contaminant migration to environmental isotopes and borehole geophysics. In much of this work, he has focussed special attention on point and non-point sources of groundwater contamination and on the sub-surface transport and modeling of both reactive and non-reactive groundwater constituents.
Overseas, regional projects have included the long-term sustainability of well yields in bedrock aquifers of Uganda, the use of fossil groundwaters in the Sahel of Mali and Niger as a means of reducing desertification, and the origin of saline lakes in southeastern Australia. He has also carried out considerable research on the intrusion of saline groundwater into karstic carbonates of the Clarendon Plains, Jamaica and beneath Pacific atolls.

Mr. Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang graduated from Melbourne University in 1971 and undertook further study at Latrobe University, Melbourne. He is an agricultural scientist, teacher, farmer and farm forester, and is presently the president of Farm Forest Growers Victoria, and Chairman of SMARTimbers cooperative. He is a Churchill and Gottstein Fellow, studying forestry management and bioenergy technologies in Europe, North America and Asia.
Since 2008 he has served on the board of the World Bioenergy Association. He has co-authored a number of publications, with the most recent being Jatropha Oil Production for Biodiesel and Other Products (2013). In 2014 he is lead-author of an analytical report on feedstocks, processes, logistics and economics, for large-scale bio-jetfuel production.
While Andrew Lang’s main area of study is with agrobiomass and forestry wastes to energy, he also is informed on production of biofuels and utilisation of municipal wastes for energy, including upgrading of biogas as a fuel for light and heavy vehicles. His interests also cover the topics of energy-efficient building and urban designs, and of development of cleantech industry clusters and biorefineries.

Dr. Goon Cherl Park
Goon-Cherl Park is the President of KINGS, the KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School. Formerly, he was Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Seoul National University, Korea, and Head of the Regional Energy Research Institute. He received his Ph.D. degree at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1983 and his Master's (1979) and Bachelor's (1975) degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the Seoul National University. His research topics include the thermal-hydraulic design, safety analysis of nuclear power plants, and development of next generation reactors such as VHTGR for hydrogen generation. He has been a member of the Nuclear Safety Expert Committee in the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea, a member of Board of Directors in Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP), and Vice Dean of the Engineering School at his university.

Mr. Barry K. Worthington
Barry K. Worthington serves as the Executive Director of the United States Energy Association (USEA) where he directs the Association’s domestic and international activities. He has served in this capacity since September 1988. Previously, he served as a Vice President of the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation and prior to that served in several capacities with Houston Lighting & Power Company, now known as Center Point.
Mr. Worthington has also written extensively on energy and environmental matters, and addresses many conferences on national and international energy issues. He holds a B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. degree from the University of Houston. Currently Mr. Worthington serves on the Boards of the National Energy Foundation, U.S.-China Energy Environment Center, and Energy & Mineral Law Foundation. He is also a member of the Advisory Boards of Electric Power Research Institute, National Council of Minorities in Energy, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy.

Mr. David Harris
David Harris is founder and managing partner of CAS, overseeing client relationships and corporate development. In 2006 David founded Optimus Management, a strategic advisory and business development firm serving early stage companies in sustainable materials and cleaner energy. CAS delivers sector-specific expertise for Optimus' clients in coal combustion products, non-ferrous minerals and waste materials industries.
David's investment, business development and marketing experience in energy, construction materials, manufacturing and greentech businesses have included roles with SME's and MNC's in the US, Japan, China and Canada. He is a founding director of the Asian Coal Ash Association and has served since 2010 as chairman. David was an industry expert advisor to the 2012 China Greentech Report, and is a regular speaker at greentech industry events, including the US-China Greentech Summit, Cleantech Group's 'Cleantech Forum' and World Clean Coal Week. David received his bachelors degree in Political Science with a focus in Environmental Policy from Brock University in Canada. He has lived and worked in mainland China since 2002.
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The Matchmaking Platform to Network with Delegates from Local Research Institutes, Industrial Decision Makers by One-to-One Negotiation
Hot Spots of Tourism in Ancient Capital Xi'an
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Eco-Cities and Smart Cities

LCES 02: Low Carbon and Environmental Economy's Sustainable Development
LCES 03: Low Carbon Communities, Transport and Architecture
LCES 04: Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
LCES 05: Best Practice of Low Carbon Industry
LCES 06: Carbon Trade and Low Carbon Investment
LCES 07: Innovative Energy Efficiency Technologies
LCES 08: Water and Air Pollution Control and Remediation
LCES 09: Environment Ecosystem and Waste Management, Clean Production and Cycling Economy
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